SEAM Partnership

Waterford Ireland – SEAM, WIT today announces a new partnership with NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation of Wexford, Ireland. SEAM is an industry focussed applied research centre, providing innovative materials engineering solutions for companies from a wide range of sectors, including bio-medical devices, pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, precision engineering and industrial technologies (


This partnership will help customers with Continuous Process Improvement by making use of Nikon Microscopy and Metrology with Automated Microscopy. NSI is a leader in the field of Continuous Process Improvement by using Automated Microscopy Software.

NSI have product placed a range of equipment at SEAM to further improve the advancements of Industry in Ireland and benefit local business.

The NSI company specialize in medical device, pharmaceuticals, electronics, wafer technology, and other sectors involving challenging inspection requirements. The company’s breakthrough platform, the NSI Toolbox, can detect any deviation and categorize it as a defect whether it be a dimension or an attribute surface defect, and then presents it to an operator in a result-driven interface. The NSI technology digitizes a production document, taking any process, converting it into a digital algorithm, and reducing the inspection to a simple one button press action.